About the Kalimba 17 Keys

The kalimba is an African musical instrument that consists of a wooden board with metal teeth stuck to it, played by holding the instrument in your hands and picking the teeth with your thumbs. The kalimba is classified as part of the lamella family and is also part of the idiophone musical instrument family.

Product Information

Our package includes:

  • 1 X Kalimba thumbpiano
  • 1 X Tuning hammer
  • 1 X Instruction book
  • 2 X Stickers
  • 2 X Thumbprotector
  • 1 X Storage bag
Sizes 30*115*135*185 mm
Kalimba type 17-key Kalimba
Wood type Mahogany Wood
Lacquer color Wood colour
Key material Metal

4.91 out of 5 stars

33 Reviews

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    Op de zevende werkdag geleverd. Goede kwaliteit/prijs verhouding, complete set en was al gestemd. Handig opbergtasje erbij en stemvork.

  3. A

    Heel blij met de kalimba, verzending duurde even maar de klantenservice is top!

  4. A

    Het is een mooie Kalimba.

  5. A

    Eenmaal afgestemd, speelt ie geweldig!


Is the kalimba difficult to learn?

The kalimba is a simple instrument to learn to play, and offers a fun learning curve the longer you play. You can determine the level of difficulty yourself.

How do I tune the kalimba?

The package includes a tuning hammer. With this you can easily tune the kalimba. There are also many free tune apps you can download to your mobile to simplify this process.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is completely free and the above price is fixed. Because the package comes from abroad, it is possible that customs clearance costs have to be paid. These costs are for the customer.

How long will it take to receive my package?

Shipping time can take 7-20 business days. You will usually receive your package on time, but it can sometimes be delayed due to holidays, for example.

How can I pay safely?

You can pay via PayPal or iDeal. All information you provide is encrypted, so it can never be viewed by us. Therefore, you do not enter your bank details on our website, but on the website of your own bank. We only store information such as your address and contact details so that we can ship the package.


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